Personal Information Handling

Personal Information Handling

Established: August 8, 2017
Last Revision: July 1, 2021

Junnosuke Hayashi,
Representative Director, President,
Zenken Corporation

 Zenken Corporation (hereinafter “Zenken”) acquires personal information necessary for the smooth operation of its services and for the hiring of employees. When acquiring personal informaiton, Zenken strictly observes its “Personal Information Handling” in addition to adhering to the following :

1.Business Name
Zenken Corporation

2.Personal Information Protection Executive Manager and Personal Information Protection Administrator
Personal Information Protection Executive Manager: Junnosuke Hayashi
Personal Information Protection Administrator: Masaki Washiya

3.Voluntary Provision of Personal Information
Provision of personal information is voluntary. Withholding certain personal information may, however, result in the inability for Zenken to render certain services, may leave critical questions unanswered or impede the hiring process.

4.Utilization Purpose of Personal Information through Direct or Third Party Acquisition

・Procedures and member management pertaining to Zenken service usage

・Reception and response to customer and client inquiries and requests

・Introduction and contact pertaining to Zenken services

・Analysis and surveys pertaining to improvement of Zenken services or development of new services

・Introduction, contact and hiring pertaining to hiring selection

・Employee management of hiring, personnel and labor relations

・Client information management, disbursals and revenue handling

◆ Zenken sets forth and discloses its purpose for using personal information within the above-mentioned range, and within a reasonable range acknowledged through its web site and documentation. Zenken does not use such personal information for any purposes other than those explicitly defined.
◆ Zenken may change its use of purpose for personal information within a reasonable and acknowledged range. In such cases, said changes to utilization purpose shall be made public.

5.Utilization Purpose of Personal Information Received by Consignment

・ Fulfillment of agreements pertaining to information on enrollees for English conversation, Japanese
language or other provided lessons (including sending of materials, smooth lesson execution, class list creation, grading and other pertinent information), including contact in the event of class cancellation and time changes

・ Group company employee personal information
For consigned management of hiring, personnel and labor relations

・ Personal information provided by human resource placement companies
For hiring selection and conduct of business at Zenken

6.Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk

【Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk】
Tel: 03-3349-1641
Hiroto Komuro
Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk Manager

7.All requests and complaints regarding personal information entrusted to and handled by the Company should be directed to JIPDEC

Contact details : JIPDEC
Personal Information Protection Consultation Office
12F 1-9-9 Roppongi First Building, Roppongi, Minato-ku,Tokyo
106-0032 Japan
Tel : 0120-700-779

8.Procedures for Disclosure and Other Requests
Zenken shall, pertaining to the use of personal information in its care, respond in timely fashion to all requests by owners of personal information or from their stated representatives with regard to the notification of information purpose of use, disclosure, amendments, additions or deletions, cessation of use, complete deletion and cessation of third party provision, hereafter aggregately termed “Disclosure, etc.”.

(1)Contact for Disclosure, etc. requests

Please direct Disclosure, etc. requests to the “Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk" or send by mail to the following address:

Attn: Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Desk,
Zenken Corporation
19F 6-18-1 Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Central Park Tower, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8361

※Requests and inquiries should in principle be made by the owner of the personal information in question or by an appointed proxy.

(2) Procedures for Disclosure, etc. requests

・Upon receipt of request, Zenken shall send by mail a prescribed request form.

・Zenken shall respond to requests in document form (mailed).

(3) Method for confirming identity of person requesting Disclosure, etc. as owner of or appointed proxy

① Either of items ② or ③ below must be presented as proof of identification.

② Please submit a photocopy of either a driver’s license, passport, physical disability passbook, residence card, special permanent resident certificate, alien registration certificate, basic resident registry card, individual number card (Front only. Do not present backside), or any official government or semi governmental agency-issued identification with photo. Make sure that the card is valid.

③ Photocopies of two (2) documents from among the following: health insurance card, proof of residence certificate, social security passbook, driving record certificate, other valid social security card, public utilities bill or student I.D.

④ Compatibility between Zenken invoice particulars and said personal information for Disclosure, etc. in Zenken’s possession

(4) Handling fees for processing Disclosure, etc. request

・Any actual costs (ie. mailing fees) incurred in the process of notifying utilization purpose or Disclosure, etc. of personal information shall be invoiced upon receiving advanced consent.

(5) Requests for Disclosure, etc. cannot be fulfilled in the case of any of the following circumstances.

・Where the identity of the requesting party cannot be confirmed

・Where there are inadequacies in the disclosure request form

・Where requested personal information does not exist in Zenken data

・Where there is a risk of damage to life, body, property or other rights and interests of the requesting or third party

・Where disclosure could lead to clear obstruction to Zenken’s proper execution of business duties

・Where there are infringements to laws and ordinances.

9.Third Party Provision of Acquired Personal Information
Zenken shall not provide personal information in its possession to third parties without receiving prior consent except in the following circumstances:

(1)When providing personal data to third parties based on binding laws and regulations other than personal information protection laws.

(2)When personal data must be provided to a third party to protect human life, safety or property and acquisition of consent from the owner proves difficult

(3)When provision is deemed especially necessary for purposed of promoting public health, welfare or child rearing and sound child development and acquisition of consent from the owner proves difficult

(4)Where it is deemed necessary to cooperate with national or local government agencies or government-consigned parties in their legally-sanctioned execution of duties whereby acquisition of consent from the owner may result in obstruction of such execution of duties.

10.Use of Cookies and Web Beacons
Zenken uses Cookie and Web beacon technology to access information. Zenken analyzes information accessed on the Zenken site with the purpose of providing better quality information, and does not retain information to identify individual customers.