Nursing Care Services

Features of Nursing Care Services

Care facilities full of smiles from residents and staff
Aiming to create flagship facilities where overseas care personnel play an active role

The labour shortage in Japan is becoming more serious every year, and it is estimated that by 2030, against a labor demand of 70.73 million there will be a labour supply of 64.29 million people, resulting in a 'labour shortage of 6.44 million people' (Source: Persol Research Institute and Chuo University, "Labour Market Future Estimates 2030").

At the same time, in Japan the baby boomer generation from the first baby boom will reach the age of 75 in 2025, and the elderly population in the later stages of life is estimated to reach 21.8 million. It is predicted that Japan will have a super-aged society.

Our services aim to support the enrichment of the lives of the elderly and their families through residential and in-home services at three Zenken Living Kuki private nursing homes, and to create flagship facilities for the employment of overseas human resources in the nursing care industry.

Nursing Care Services - List of Services

Zenken Living Kuki No.1
Fee-based assisted living homes providing residential care services. Home-based and facility services are provided to those requiring medical treatment. Residents can be accommodated under appropriate management of medical conditions.
・Adress:5-10-26 Hon-cho, Kuki-shi, Saitama
Zenken Living Kuki No.2
・Adress:5-10-25 Hon-cho, Kuki-shi, Saitama
Zenken Living Kuki No.3
・Adress:6-5-19 Washinomiya, Kuki-shi, Saitama

Message from the Head of Nursing Care Services

Head of Nursing Care Services Yoshikazu Ueoku

Alleviating the nursing care industry's severe labor shortage
by promoting the employment of workers from overseas

By utilizing our resources in language education (English and Japanese), cultural education and recruitment, we have entered the nursing care business.

Domestic companies are often concerned about accepting overseas workers; in particular, many are anxious about three issues: work performance in Japanese, differences in customs, and the limitations of the tasks that can be communicated. In 2022, to meet the concerns of businesses that will accept overseas nursing care workers, we will start operating flagship facilities for the use of overseas workers. Providing opportunities for operators to see successful models in practice will lead to the development of new customers, and to the provision of overseas care personnel placement services.

By applying these methods to other labour shortage industries we also aim to expand our overseas human resources training and recruitment business.

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