Study Abroad Placement Services

Features of Zenken's Study Abroad Placement Services

We focus on study abroad programs at US and other overseas universities where students can take advantage of scholarships

We are the only agency representing the American Collegiate Scholarship Association in Japan. Our most popular programs are regular study abroad programs at higher education institutions in the USA, which allow the use of scholarships. We are in the unique position to offer a wide range of attractive original programs from "regular study abroad" and "study abroad with scholarship" for junior high and high school students and university students, to programs aimed at working adults who wish to move forward with their careers.

Study Abroad Placement Services - List of Services

Placement / arrangement / application procedures for study abroad
Study Abroad Center "Global Study"
Free counseling service for people who plan to study abroad
Supporting student exchanges for junior high and high school students
Academic Intercultural Student Exchange Center (AISE)
An organization specializing in student exchanges with junior high and high schools in the USA
Free support and assistance for students studying at educational institutions abroad (including the US)
Study Abroad Association
Supporting the development of human resources able to play an active role internationally and promoting further internationalization of Japan

Message from the Head of Study Abroad Placement Services

Head of Study Abroad Placement Services Yoshikazu Ueoku

Contributing to the development of global human resources through supporting Japanese students' enrollment and study at high schools and universities overseas

We specialize in offering high-quality study abroad programs that are difficult for individuals to apply for by themselves, such as full-time study abroad with scholarship at universities in the USA, and exchange programs that allow students to stay for one year at an American public high school while living with a volunteer host family.

We have built partnerships with more than 200 universities in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, including the State University of New York and California State University. We are affiliated with the Study Abroad Association which can provide free support, and, in cooperation with Japanese high schools and universities, we support students who wish to study abroad.

We will continue to promote our business with a strong sense of mission and will contribute to developing global human resources that will support Japan's future economy and society.

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