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Features of Zenken's English Conversation School Services

High quality lessons and schools in convenient locations near major train stations
Linguage English Conversation School

We offer high-quality lessons based on textbooks that have been proven effective in classrooms around the world and using educational methods we have perfected over 40 years. To make it easy for our students to continue learning with Linguage, we located our school buildings near major train stations, prepared a wide range of lesson styles (group, private, and online lessons), and enabled our students to choose lesson times flexibly, from early morning to late night.

English Conversation School Services - List of Services

From the school buildings located near major train stations to online lessons, easy access is what makes Linguage popular.
Linguage English Conversation School

Message from the Head of the English Conversation School Services

Head of Language Training Services
for Organizations
Shintaro Hara

Contributing to the development of global human resources who are active on the domestic and international stage

'English conversation' consistently tops the list of 'things to learn' for both adults and children in Japan.

Until recently, most of our students have been female beginner learners of English. However, as one of the effects of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, over the last year we have seen a steady increase in the number of intermediate level students. Our students have various reasons for learning English, from work to communication with foreign friends. One thing they all have in common, however, is how serious they are about improving their skills and adding value to themselves. We support their efforts by providing face-to-face, online, group and one-on-one lessons at exceptionally competitive prices.

By maintaining high rankings in Internet search results and reaching out to potential customers, as well as by cooperating with the study abroad and Japanese language education businesses of Zenken, we are able to offer English conversation school students additional services 'beyond the classroom'.

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