Language Training Services for Organizations

Features of Zenken's Language Training Services for Organizations

We provide high-quality services to more than 1,700 companies and public institutions

We provide a broad range of services, from language training at major Japanese companies such as Toyota Group, Nippon Steel Group and Hitachi Group, to classes at high schools focusing on developing English communication skills that are essential in the age of globalization. Zenken offers classes in various formats (in-person lessons, e-learning, online lessons) and languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Thai, among others) for corporations and individuals.

Language Training Services for Organizations - List of Services

Language acquisition training
Responding to the needs of corporations through a broad variety of courses
Online English Conversation School for Organizations
Linguage Speak for Corporations
Trust built on 40 years of experience and concrete training results
Online English Conversation School for Schools
Linguage Speak for School
Focusing on developing the 4 skills necessary for passing English language examinations. Exam-focused speaking training.

Message from the Head of Language Training Services for Organizations

Head of Language Training Services
for Organizations
Shintaro Hara

Promoting global human resources development in Japanese companies

As the advancement of Internet Technologies penetrates deeply in our modern society, the concept of “national borders” is disappearing when conducting business worldwide. Today, “Global Human Resources” are recognized as an indispensable asset for all companies no matter where they may be. Moreover, due to the decreasing birthrate in Japan, it is expected that inbound demand will be on the rise resulting in acceleration of diversification within the country.

For the past half century, we have supported many prestige companies, institutions, and schools in Japan in developing Human Resources by utilizing our experience and know-how in the field of language acquisition training programs. As the world transforms, we will continue to enhance and deliver our services by developing effective programs to nurture Global Human Resources.

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