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Features of Zenken's Media Services

Analyzing market needs and developing media that provide valuable information BtoB and BtoC

We are developing 'market-in type' media content based on popular search keywords that constantly rank high on the search result pages of major search engines. We operate a variety of web media in-house, including 'BtoB media' that connects the supply and demand sides in case of commercial products, 'word-of-mouth information sites' that promote our clients' products through user reviews and recommendations, and 'web magazines' that distribute information on work styles, a pressing social issue.

We are focusing on four major areas. Our 'recruitment media' support female beauty professionals looking for new jobs. Through our 'advertising media', we introduce products and services from unique perspectives. The 'matching media' is a space for people to meet each other and for companies and individuals to form connections. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business helps our clients achieve and maintain high positions in internet search results.

Recruitment media

Zenken operates well-established job and career change media that share accurate and timely information desired by customers who are facing challenges with recruitment of new staff. Using our rich SEM know-how, we have secured top rankings for tens of thousands of keywords, including popular words related to job change and employment, and are consistently delivering high quality recruiting.

Recruitment media - List of Services

Bipro Beauty&Biz
Full of beauty-related jobs and career information! A specialized job and career website for women.
Bipro PLUS
A 'how to' site full of information you need to become a beauty specialist.

Advertising media

The 'Health & Beauty Expo', which we operate and develop, is an 'Internet trade show' that serves as an intermediary between providers of raw materials for health foods, beauty products and cosmetics, as well as cosmetics manufacturers, buyers and medical institutions. It is a BtoB service used by more than 3,000 companies and more than 3 million people in the industry annually.

Advertising media - List of Services

Health Beauty EXPO
Healthy food, cosmetics, natural food, health appliances, herbs and aromatherapy products, contract manufacturing, OEM, raw materials, and exam search. Health Beauty EXPO is a BtoB website with approximately 3,000 companies listed.

Message from the Head of Recruitment Media and Advertising Media Business

Head of Recruitment Media
and Advertising Media Business
Mitsunari Hashimoto

Promoting media business that shapes the future of the healthcare industry and of the beauty industry job market

We operate 'Health & Beauty Expo,' a BtoB medium in the healthcare industry, and 'BiPro,' a recruiting medium for women in the health, beauty and cosmetics industry.

The healthcare market is expected to grow to 37 trillion yen domestically and to 525 trillion yen globally by 2030. For the past 16 years, the Health & Beauty Expo has played a role in business-to-business transactions by discovering attractive companies, products and services, and through disseminating the latest information. We will contribute to this trend by creating new business opportunities beyond BtoB transactions, discovering and providing accurate information on attractive companies, products, and services.

As a recruitment media specializing in beauty care, 'BiPro' has been working with over 20,000 companies since 2006 to tackle the difficult task of securing excellent human resources in the face of a constant labor shortage. Our recruitment media has seen steady growth, and is now used by over 4 million people per year.

We will continue to carry out our mission of sending talented people to attractive companies (salons) while actively working to improve the awareness of both workers and management by developing a broad range of content, including actual examples of career development for job seekers, personnel recruitment and education support for salons.

Matching media

Zenken was the first company in Japan to commercialize 'Machikon,' a city-wide dating event, with the goal of solving the social issues of population and birthrate decline. We are supporting people looking for a marriage partner through the operation of a portal website that provides information on events held in 47 prefectures across Japan and through organizing large-scale events nationwide.

Matching media - List of Services

Machikon Portal
In response to the social issues caused by the declining birthrate, we have developed Japan's first 'Machikon' business model, which aims to support people looking for a marriage partner and to revitalize local communities.

SEO Business

Our SEO business is built around an elite team of SEO and SEM experts who are able to immediately and flexibly respond to changing circumstances. In addition to the traditional SEO services consisting of measures to increase the number of hits to a client's site, we have also developed a unique tool that focuses on facilitating communication between the client and the SEO planner. We are also working on creating new business models.

SEO Business - List of Services

Page Delivery
A new packaged service that increases the CVR or clients' websites by giving existing articles an overhault to bring in results.
Our proprietary SEO facilitation tool that allows even non-experts to intuitively manage the PDCA process.

Message from the Head of SEO Business

Head of SEO Business Takeshi Kiyono

Times may change, but we continue to deal with people
This is why we create products that emphasize communication between people

While creating both our SEO products aimed at search engine users, and our CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) products aimed at encouraging more people to use a company's services or products, we keep communication at the forefront of our minds.

As various communication methods proliferate, people have come to value the concept of 'time' more. The demand for services that can save time is on the rise. Our response to this trend is to create a low-cost monthly subscription service that uses DX (digital transformation) to optimize information provision and reduce the time needed to find information on websites.

We will continue to contribute to society by creating communication-conscious businesses and a healthy Internet ecosystem.

Other media services

We discover apparent and latent market needs and create a broad variety of web media that capture the public's interest. We focus especially on developing web media providing information BtoB and BtoC in beauty, health, and lifestyle - business sectors that usually enjoy stable demand and are little affected by economic trends.

Other media - List of Services

Website specializing in providing information on customer acquisition and marketing strategy
Writer Station
A job introduction site for web content writers. Writer Station is a 'direct order' service, where writing projects are requested directly by the editorial department.
A web magazine and smartphone app specializing in work styles and vocations, Kawaraban focuses on news and reports from the cutting edge of business.
A product review website where ordinary users post their reviews of cosmetics products, with pictures of their own faces attached.
A guide blog for foreigners who are thinking of working in Japan.
In English-language articles, KiMi adresses problems and questions that foreign job seekers are likely to face.

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