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Features of Zenken's Content Marketing Services

Strategic content marketing based on the creation and operation of websites for over 120 industries

We provide the marketing solutions our clients need to attract new customers and increase sales of their products and services. This is not only simple media and contents production; building on our extensive know-how and experience, we offer comprehensive 'strategic content marketing' services, a one-stop expert solution comprising of strategic planning, competitive analysis and media and contents development. These range from selecting markets that fit the client's unique values and user needs, designing and creating media and contents that catch the attention of our client's target customers and promote attitudinal change, to precise and detailed implementation and operation.

In every industry, there are magazines and trade shows that provide highly specialized information. Naturally, the target readers and visitors are those who are interested in the industry, services, and products, and are highly motivated to buy. If you place an ad in these magazines, you will have a very high chance of reaching your specific target audience. This is also the case with the online search market.

The key to this is "Value Proposition Marketing." This strategy delivers concrete results through a combination of four consulting capabilities: 'SEO consulting' to respond to SEO algorithms, 'area consulting' to reveal the client's superiority in the target area, 'positioning consulting' to establish the client's competitive advantage in the target market, and 'persona consulting' to identify and design user attitudinal changes that can lead to conversion. We will continue to develop and expand this differentiated and unique approach.

Content Marketing Services - List of Services

'Guide to automatic fare adjustment machines'
A website aimed at stores who are considering the installation of automatic fare adjustment machines.
Machine functions and distributors are presented according to the needs of different types of industry and retail formats.
'Find your logistics outsourcing and 3PL partner here! Butsu-Rev'
A portal website where users can find logistics outsourcing and 3PL companies that match the needs of different industries.
'The smart way to recycle wood'
A detailed explanation of wood recycling methods and wood biomass, which are attracting the attention of many companies and local governments.
'Project management tool matching site ".tool"'
A site that helps companies find project management tools that fit their individual needs and range of business operations.
'BEST ONE HOME -Build your home with an architect-'
A site aimed at users who want to build their home in close collaboration with an architect to facilitate a high degree of personalization.
Market overview of Content Marketing Services

Market environment surrounding the Internet Advertising Industry

Characteristics of the Internet Advertising Industry

According to the 2020 issue of Dentsu's 'Advertising Expenditures in Japan', in 2020, advertising expenditures reached 6,159.4 billion yen, 88.8% compared to the previous year. This decrease, influenced by the worldwide spread of Covid-19, was the first since 2011, the year of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
On the other hand, and driven by the tailwind of the rapid digitization of society, Internet advertising expenditures showed positive growth for the entire year. Expenditures rose to 2,229 billion yen, 105.9% compared to the previous year.
In 2019, Internet advertising expenditures surpassed TV media advertising expenditures and Internet became the largest advertising medium. With the market expected to continue growing steadily, the demand for Internet advertising is expected to increase further.

Source: Dentsu, "Advertising Expenditures in Japan"

In terms of advertising expenditures by media, the scale of Internet advertising expenditures is close to the total of the four mass media (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) and promotional media.

Source: Dentsu, 'Advertising Expenditures in Japan'

Recent trends in the Internet Advertising Industry

In 2018 smartphones surpassed PCs in terms of household ownership of telecommunications devices (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' '2018 White Paper on Information and Communications'). In response to this trend, the search algorithm of major search engines now requires smartphone-oriented content.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

In addition, the search algorithm of major search engines will likely focus not only on the quality of content but also on the content delivery capabilities. This trend will lead to more business opportunities for companies that possess not only analytical skills but also highly developed editorial skills.

Business advantages

Advantages of our Content Marketing Services

Zenken's advantages in the content marketing business

Our area marketing capabilities and our ability to propose, edit, and develop content attuned to a broad variety of needs, products, business scales, and areas, are among our major competitive advantages.

  • Meeting diverse needs Wide range of target customers

    Drawing on our experience in the three BtoC business areas with high customer interest (beauty/healthcare/health, real estate, education/certification) we can meet the needs of all types of businesses (including BtoB) in Japan who wish to attract customers to their websites.

  • Achieving professional and high quality production Integrated production system

    We have built a production system that allows us to handle everything from consulting to production, editing, and operation in a single process. As a result, we are able to publish approximately 400 to 500 high-quality, highly specialized media titles per year.

  • Leading to better positions in internet search results Flexible SEO support

    We conduct comprehensive SEO inspections based on the knowhow we accumulated though dealing with over 1000 media in various business fields. Our expert writers are familiar with various industries, and our legal team checks for any potential legal or compliance issues. They help us produce high quality, reliable and highly specialized content.

Business growth strategy

Growth Strategy for the Content Marketing Business

Developing new markets through expansion of services

We operate our own media for recruiting writers, "Writer Station." This gives us consistent access to a large pool of writers and enables us to produce specialized articles for all types of industries and business categories.
we will continue to expand the range of industries we handle, from real-life events and exhibitions to BtoB industries where the need to attract customers via the Internet is rapidly growing, and we will aggressively promote the development of new markets.

Expansion of area marketing support services

Since the algorithm of major search engines was changed to reflect user location information in search results, a new search market not only for companies in major metropolitan areas, but also for small and medium-size companies in rural areas has emerged and is continuing to grow. The target market for area marketing support services is expanding as well.
We are uniquely positioned to leverage the strengths of our content marketing business and take advantage of the increasing business opportunities this trend brings.
We will seize this opportunity to aggressively expand our sales throughout Japan through online meetings, which have become common nationwide due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strengthening inbound sales

We manage inbound marketing media specializing in providing information on attracting customers to stores. This enables us to capture leads from managers and store owners who are facing challenges in attracting customers.
The articles on this portal, which provide information on how to attract customers and outlines marketing theory for various industries and services, have achieved high rankings for all "industry x customer attraction" keywords, leading to inquiries from many companies.
In addition to capturing business opportunities through outbound marketing, we plan to expand our business through inbound sales by further strengthening the operation of this media.

Message from the Head of Content Marketing Services

Head of Content Marketing Services Tatsuru Motomura

Realizing value innovation to revitalize Japan

Value innovation is about doing new things that create value for clients and their customers, about challenging assumptions and finding new points of view. We are dedicated to uncovering new product features and giving users a new sense of value through content marketing.

Any company would prefer their products or services to be clearly differentiated from others' (for example overwhelmingly cheaper or having a patent). However, in many cases the products and services are similar enough that it can be difficult to tell them apart. For this reason content that connects the complex product values of companies with the detailed needs of users has a crucial role to play.

We deliver sustainable growth for our clients by targeting market niches specifically created to resonate with our client's strengths and to attract the most suitable users. We continue to develop web marketing that 'reaches the people you want to reach'.

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