AI services

Features of Zenken's AI Services

We continue to develop highly original AI-equipped products We provide a wide range of services to clients ranging from government agencies to major Japanese companies

Targeting the growing domestic cognitive/ AI systems * market

In order to improve the operational efficiency of customer support and call centers of our clients, our group company Sciseed Inc. provides comprehensive services from data maintenance to introduction and operation improvement proposals, to the provision of AI products developed in-house.

*Cognitive/AI systems: Recognition and decision solutions using machine learning technology

Our main AI products are a hybrid (automatic and operator-based) chat support system 'sAI-Chat', and a manual search engine 'sAI-Search.' We have also created a LINE mini app development platform 'Monkey Apps', a platform with great potential for marketing and labor management.

AI Services - List of Services

AI Chatbot sAI-Chat
Introducing hybrid automatic and operator-based chat
AI-assisted FAQ system sAI-Search
Fast and accurate FAQ search engine
LINE app development platform
Develop and provide app functions on the official LINE account
Business advantages

Advantages of our AI Services

The domestic cognitive /AI systems market is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 60.7% and reach a market size of over 290 billion by 2022. Responsive and price-competitive AI products developed in-house are our main advantage in this growing market.

  • AI engine developed in-house Flexibility and price competitiveness

    The fact that our AI engine has been developed in-house and does not utilize external services, enables us to offer price-competitive services tailored to our clients' needs.

  • High accuracy from the very start of operation AI engine

    Our 'trained' search engine can correctly interpret the meaning of the words even when different users use different search keywords. Since it does not require a large amount of data, our AI engine offers highly accurate support out of the box.

  • From data maintenance to implementation and operational improvement Comprehensive support

    To assure successful deployment of the AI project, our dedicated customer success team will offer comprehensive support, including measures to improve the utilization ratio and FAQ performance as well as KPI management.

  • Linked with peripheral tools such as CTI / CRMa Comprehensive operational efficiency improvement

    We provide comprehensive DX (digital transformation) consulting services aimed at improving various business processes of our clients, such as raising business efficiency and utilizing customer needs to develop new products.

Business growth strategy

Growth Strategy for the AI Business

Customer service centers and call centers in Japan have felt the impact of human resources shortages especially hard. With this in mind, we provide comprehensive services that automate operations, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. Our growth strategy for the AI Business is to strengthen our position in the cognitive/AI systems market and expand to the DX (digital transformation) market, building on the competitive products equipped with our AI engine developed in-house as a base.

Message from the Head of AI Business

Head of AI Business Youji Matsuo

Providing a set of solutions that bring management closer to the ideal

We are developing multiple services focusing on the four key elements of management: 'knowing the voice of the customer,' 'sharing data,' 'interpreting data,' and 'delivering services'.

Our products and services bring our clients closer to their customers: 'sAI Chat' and 'sAI Search' services, which are currently being rolled out, contribute to a smoother customer support experience, while the 'Monkey App' enables companies to utilize the familiar communication app LINE to close the distance between themselves and their customers.

In addition to SaaS services, we continue to provide consulting, outsourcing, and other services to bring companies closer to what we believe should be the ideal form of management.

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