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Features of Zenken's IT services

Comprehensive, one-stop IT solutions tailored
to the needs of our clients

Our content marketing business focuses on attracting customers through multifaceted web marketing strategies.

We create and operate various web media, such as mediation of supply and demand of products and media that introduces high-quality human resources in the expanding female recruitment market, through our in-house media business.

We have formed partnerships with top-level universities in India to solve the shortage of IT human resources in Japan. Our overseas IT talent placement business contributes to creating a society in which excellent foreign IT professionals can work in Japan, by providing comprehensive support to companies and workers, from matching to follow-up after joining the company.

The proprietary AI system developed by our group company Sciseed Inc. helps our clients improve the efficiency of their customer service and call centers.

In this way, our business contributes to solving pressing social issues facing Japan.

Business Divisions of IT Services

IT Services - Business Divisions

Market Overview of IT Services

Market Environment surrounding
Zenken's IT Business

Trends in the domestic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' White Paper on Information and Communication, the economic scale of the ICT industry in 2018 reached 99.1 trillion yen, the largest among domestic industries. Within the ICT industry, the 'Internet-related service sector,' which includes Internet search services, video posting sites, and SNS, has grown significantly. In FY2018, sales within this Internet-related service industry increased by 5.0% from the previous year and reached 2,689.7 billion yen. Sales per company have also continued to grow, rising 4.8% from the previous year to 5.07 billion yen.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

ICT measures strongly promoted by the government, and Zenken's IT business

A decrease in the labor force due to population decline caused by a declining birthrate and the aging of the population in Japan. This major social issue will have a serious negative impact on the Japanese economy in the future. One of the solutions to this social issue is 'improvement of labor productivity'. Improved productivity per worker will result in overall improvement of productivity without the need to increase the workforce. One of the possible approaches to increasing labor productivity is to improve work efficiency by introducing ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Against this background, the government is strongly promoting ICT, as part of a strategy to digitize society as a whole.

Against the background of the social issue of a decreasing labor force in Japan and the government's promotion of the ICT industry, we are developing our IT services to help improve problem-solving and corporate operational efficiency, and are developing our overseas IT talent placement business to connect excellent foreign IT professionals with companies in Japan.

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