Health Management Promotion


Health Management Promotion Creating new opportunities

Zenken’s aim is to create new value through IT and language services.

The health of our employees and their families is key to realizing this vision, and we hereby announce the Zenken Health Declaration.

We will support our employees through health management initiatives focusing on "diet", "exercise", and "sleep", with the aim of becoming a company where employees can maximize their performance.

We hereby pledge to contribute to society by creating new opportunities through the practice of health management promotion.

Health Management Promotion Framework

Our goal is to become a company where employees are both physically and mentally healthy and can perform at their best.

Zenken’s Health Management Promotion program is led by top management (President). A Health Management Promotion Officer oversees and promotes initiatives in cooperation with the insurance union and occupational health physicians.

Health Management Promotion at Zenken Corporation


Boxed lunches available at the Office Lounge

A well-balanced diet is essential for a healthy body.

We support our employees' healthy eating habits by providing a wide selection of high-quality meals right on the company’s premises.


Yakult products are available for purchase in-house every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
It is said that intestinal health affects the overall condition of the whole body. Yakult is one of the products that help to maintain a healthy intestinal flora.
Yakult is very popular with our employees, who often form long lines at the Yakult stand.
Many employees report that their health has improved since they started drinking Yakult.

Office Glico

In response to requests from health-conscious employees, we have made available a wider range of "low sugar,", "whole grain", and "low calorie" snacks, in addition to our regular snacks.


Company Club Activities

Zenken has a number of internal sports clubs.
Many employees who had never exercised before have become core members of clubs and are actively involved in club activities.

Basketball Club

Triathlon Club

Hiking Club

Golf Club

Radio Calisthenics

To help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we have introduced telework, and in some of our business units more than 80% of employees work from home.

One of the initiatives launched at that time, "T-Challenge (Telework Challenge)", is to conduct radio calisthenics during morning meetings using Zoom, a web conference service that allows employees to participate from their computers or smartphones.


Napping Space

Good quality work starts with good sleep. To help our employees recharge, we have set up a napping space at the Zenken headquarters.
The space used every day by many employees, some for a short break after lunch, others to cool down.

Other Initiatives

Balance ball and standing desks

We are taking various measures so that our employees will be aware of their health while working.
A common sight all over the company is employees holding meetings around a standing desk, or operating a PC while sitting on a balance ball.

External Consultation Service "Anri”

We have established a consultation service to improve the mental and physical health of our employees.
Staff members with medical qualifications, such as nurses and mental health workers, are readily available for free consultations.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are placed at meeting tables and in lounges so that employees can access them anytime, anywhere.

Some employees say that it has become a habit for them to take the supplements every day.

Company events

In order to stimulate community building, we hold many in-company events.

The events are popular with our employees because they provide opportunities to meet and get to know people from other departments.

Example 1] Tanabata Event (Tanabata Festival)
During the Tanabata Festival, employees decorate bamboo branches with strips of paper on which they have written their wishes. A feature of our Tanabata Festival is that some of the wishes actually come true.

Some wishes that have come true
Some wishes that have come true in the past include: a luxurious lunch with the president and executives, an invitation to a group seat at a famous firework display, a chance to see a popular play by the Shiki Theater Company.

Example 2] BBQ event
A large-scale BBQ event that is attended by over 200 employees and their families. (photo shows the event in 2019)

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